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When disputes arise within families, emotions run high and rash decisions are made. This is why divorce law is an arena fraught with acrimony — it's also why choosing the right solicitor is one of the most important decisions you will ever make.

Our team of expert divorce law solicitors will help you make the right decision throughout proceedings by providing you with pragmatic and exact advice whilst also remaining empathetic at all times. We believe it is this unique approach that has brought us highly-satisfied clients and an outstanding reputation within our field.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Divorce Finances
How long does the divorce process take in the UK?

Obviously this can depend on the complexities of the case but on average it will take between 4 to 6 months.

Will my divorce be straightforward if my spouse and I have been separated for 2 years?

If you are divorcing on the basis of 2 years separation then provided you both consent to a divorce the process is fairly uncomplicated.

When are you actually 'divorced'?

This will be once the Decree Absolute, or in dissolution proceedings, the Final Order has been pronounced.

How do I apply for a divorce in the UK?

You can apply for a divorce by submitting a Divorce Petition to the Family Court in your area. The Petition will need to include full details of your marriage and the reason for your divorce. Once the Petition is submitted to the Court, the Petition will be sent to your spouse to respond. After this stage there are 2 further applications for the Court to process; these are for Decree Nisi and Decree Absolute. The Decree Absolute marks the end of your marriage and this document will replace your marriage certificate.

What happens if I have made a mistake on the divorce paperwork?

The Court will notify you of the mistake and depending on the nature of the mistake you may need to submit amended documents to the Court. You can trust Endeavour Law to correctly complete your petition, accurately reflecting your circumstances and to the Court's standards - saving you time and stress.

Can my spouse prevent me from getting a divorce?

Unless you are using the grounds of 5 year separation, unfortunately the answer is yes. Your spouse may refuse to consent an application under 2 year separation and adultery, and they may contest unreasonable behaviour. Endeavour Law specialise in these types of cases and will advise you on the quickest and simplest path through the divorce process.

How much are the court fees for obtaining a divorce?

There is an initial Court fee payable of £550 when the paperwork is submitted to the Court. You may however be entitled to a discounted fee or an exemption; speak to our advisors to find out if you are eligible.

Can we get a divorce if we still live together?

In certain circumstances this will be possible. If you are living together but effectively leading separate lives then this should be possible. You would need to show the Court that your daily routines are separate, for example that you do not take meals together and that your incomes are not pooled.

What is an annulment and how do I get one?

An annulment differs from divorce in the sense that In order to obtain an annulment you would need to submit an application to your local Family Court providing details of your marriage and the reason for the annulment, for example, the marriage may have been forced or your spouse was already married.

What if my spouse won't respond to the divorce?

If you are concerned that your spouse will not consent or respond to the divorce then you will need to ensure that the correct grounds are stated in your petition. For example, if you wanted to use the grounds of 2 years separation in your divorce then spouse will need to consent for the divorce to progress, otherwise you will need to consider stating other reasons for the breakdown of the marriage.

Do you have to wait a year to get a divorce?

Yes, this is a requirement. However, you may be able to apply for an annulment instead if you meet specific criteria, such as non-consummation of the marriage.

What if I cannot find my spouse? Will I still be able to get divorced?

Provided some efforts have been made to try to locate your spouse then it may still be possible to proceed with the divorce. In practice, an application will need to be submitted to the Court to dispense with service. If granted, this will mean that you should be able to obtain your divorce without locating your spouse.

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Very little if anything inspires dedication quite like our children. This is why, should we find ourselves unable to see them, we will do quite literally anything to change that!
If you've found yourself in a position where you're unable to see your children and feel that it's time to involve a solicitor, Endeavour Law's expert family law solicitors are here to help. Whether you require informal negotiations or to make an application to the court, our holistic approach and skilled, empathetic solicitors will determine and advise you on the best possible course of action.
Whatever the reason for you needing legal help, Endeavour Law have the expertise you need.

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Whether you're considering separation, have recently left your spouse or are looking to commence divorce proceedings, you're likely to be feeling confused, concerned about your future and will have many, many questions. Endeavour Law are here to help ease your worries and secure you a bright future!
Endeavour Law employ a team of solicitors specialising in divorce law and, whatever your situation, can assist you in all related matters — from advising on child arrangements to negotiating settlements.
We believe that a good solicitor should do more than simply draft documentation and advise. Our goal is not just to secure your future, but to help you enjoy the here and now by ensuring that you're completely at ease with matters as they stand!