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Our solicitors will administer your divorce and secure your finances by making you and your spouse’s agreement legally binding with a Consent Order for just £1,200!

Many people don’t realise that spouses remain financially linked to one another even after a divorce has been finalised. This means that either can make a claim against the other at any time – including assets accrued after the divorce itself. This, though, can easily be prevented by filing what is known as a Consent Order or, to use the more common colloquialism: a Clean Break.

This document details any agreement that the parties have reached and requests that the court make them legally binding. Following the request having been approved by a judge, all potential future claims are negated, and your existing and future assets are protected.

Here at Solicitors Divorce Online we provide affordable and high-quality comprehensive fixed-fee family law services. We passionately believe in allowing everyone access to justice whilst avoiding hourly rate anxiety and the potentially open-ended cheque. We achieve this by leveraging cutting-edge technology and implementing efficient and effective processes.

Our Solicitor Divorce Plus Service includes:

  • Sound Legal Advice - You will be given advice from a qualified solicitor specialising in family law
  • Experienced and friendly staff – All of our staff are extremely experienced and will deal with your case in a friendly and professional manner
  • Cost effective advice – We offer a variety of fixed fee services and payment options to suit your individual needs
  • Member of Resolution – As a resolution member we are committed to the constructive resolution of family disputes
  • Affordable payment plans – Repay your fixed fee in instalments that suit your financial situation
  • A free initial consultation – Speak to one our experienced advisors today for free!
  • A freephone line open until 9pm
  • All of your legal documents drafted for you - we strive to make the legal process simple, that’s why we deal with all the paperwork on your behalf
  • The services of a qualified solicitor that specialises in Family Law
  • All of your documents filed at court for you
  • Any applications will be drafted for you as part of our service -this includes applications that may be required as a result of your Spouse’s failure to respond
  • Negotiating the division of assets arising out of the marriage with your spouse or their representative
  • Drafting and filing a clean break consent order to reflect the agreed division of assets and protect you in the future

We believe that, when it comes a life-changing event like divorce and the division of marital assets, expert assistance should be available to everyone. This is why all of our services are overseen by a solicitor from start to finish. Plus, as we operate online, our service works around you; we will assign you a dedicated handler and, as we fulfil our services remotely, there’ll be no need for you to take time off work and you can take everything in your own time.

£699 Divorce Solution

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£1200 Complete Solution

➤ Divorce and Financial Remedy with correspondence

➤ Specialist Dedicated Solicitor

➤ Same day consultation

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£240 Solicitor Solution

➤ Dedicated Solicitor

➤ Same Day Consultation

➤ Bespoke Advice

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